Hello, my name is Brandon. As part of the coursework for COMM 4397, I will be maintaining a blog where I will discuss sports related topics. This is a task I am eager to tackle, although I am also admittedly dreading it as well. Truthfully, I do not have a close relationship with sports. My problem is not that I hate sports, but rather I do not care much about them. It’s been an issue since I was a kid.

During my childhood, sports were an uncomfortable topic for me to discuss. I never had any interest in them; and despite my attempts, I could never find a sports topic to discuss with my friends. This was a problem because all of my friends loved talking about sports. They’d discuss teams, player stats, games, and “bromances” between players; I was overwhelmed by how much they had to say, and I felt left out when I could not contribute anything. I would later learn that my friends were not the only ones who loved sports. Indeed, I would see just how popular sports could be, and how influential they could be as well.

In the United States, sports are a massive interest. It’s an industry that effects so many areas of the US economy, that it really seems impossible to escape its reach. As such, I have resigned myself to the reality that I need to learn enough about sports to have a decent conversation about it. To this end, I have decided to use this blog as a means to learn more about sports culture and the people it effects. Although I have no interest in any sports at this point in time, I hope I will find something in sports that holds my interest. If all goes well, I might find a sport that I love as well.


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