Patriots for the Championship?

Football events are spectacles of the human. Athletes push their bodies to the limits of human capability, and team mates come together in brotherhood camaraderie to capture victory. All this hard work is put in for the prize at the end of the season: the Championship title.

While sports are a celebration of human abilities, sports analysts have condensed the capabilities of athletes into numbers and data that have allowed for a degree of prediction in the results of games and even championships.

The football season started less than two weeks ago, so there isn’t much data to make an accurate prediction; however, there are stats from past seasons that can give a rough indicator of how teams will perform in the upcoming 2016-17 season.

Based on last years super bowl, I would bet that the Broncos-last years winners-would win; however, going back and looking at past super bowls, it’s foolish to base a prediction off past championship victories.

This website has placed the Seahawks and the Patriots as the most likely teams to make it to the championship game; however, even that site acknowledges the inherent element of luck that goes into football games.

Still, the data that currently exists suggests that the Patriots are the most likely to make it to the finals at this current moment based on strong offenses and performances from their first game of the season.


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