Although sports is very much a team effort, it is also a celebration of an individual’s physical capabilities. Training and collaboration require great effort; and sometimes, a particular individual will successfully go above and beyond what’s expected of him and rise above his fellow team mates. In recognition of his efforts, this individual will go on to receive the coveted MVP award.

This award is given to the player who has demonstrate invaluable skills and abilities throughout the season; and although the season has only just started, predictions are still possible thanks to the data we have on past winners.


The winner of the 2015 NFL MVP award went to Cam Newton, the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. Though his victory is well-deserved, it does not serve as an indicator that he will win this season’s award; however, it is certainly part of a recurring pattern with the past winners of the award.

This website presents a list of the past seven winners of MVP in the league. With the exception of Adrian Peterson, all of these winners were quarterbacks. Knowing this, I would bet on yet another quarterback winning the award. Luckily, the odds already seem to favor a winner.


Aaron Rodgers has captured the eye of several sports analysts. lists Rodgers as their favorite to win. Listing his high play stats and his successes in winning the award, the site puts him at 9/2 odds of winning the award. lists him as having the highest odds of winning the award, although the author of the article favors Russell Wilson.

Another site lists Rodgers as second in their listing for MVP favorite.

Rodgers seems to be a favorite so far, but project538 doesn’t have any faith in him. According to the site, his performance has been less than stellar.

Still, for now, I’ll put my bet on him.



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