The Most Overrated NFL Team

“Overrated” is a word that has lost a lot of meaning in recent times. According to, the word means “to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate”. This definition in itself is not a complement, but it is not an insult either. It is simply an assessment; and in sports terms, it is a way to assess the relationship between an entity’s performance and their position in the public’s eye. 

In sports, everyone seems to have their own opinion on what is the most overrated team in the league. Most teams that are targeted by analysts or commentators are highly popular, and receive widespread media attention. This stems from the fact that highly popular teams typically transcend their performance and are judged based on their relationships with their publics.

For myself, I believe the Houston Texans are the most overrated team in the league.

Admittedly, this opinion comes from the fact that I, as a Houstonion, see a lot of media about this team all over television and local adverts. The team seems to receive a disproportionate amount of love from Houston despite the fact that it continually underperforms.

According to, the Houston Texans are the twelfth most profitable sports team in the world-an impressive feat considering how competitive sports is. However, the major take away from that list is the fact that every NFL team on that list-with the exception of the Texans-has attended the Super Bowl championship at least once.

It is such a bizarre situation that a team with such few achievements could receive so much love and affection from its fan base. When considering its peers in the sporting world, it’s hard not to feel like the Houston Texans are simply coasting on the hopes and dreams of its fans rather than actual performance.


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