Favorite Sports Movies

As someone who doesn’t care much for sports, I have actually have a bit of a soft spot for sports stories in movies. While I have never had any sports kind of enjoyable sports experiences, movies bring other elements to the experience; and I find that these movies use sports as a backdrop to deliver a compelling narrative. A large part of this enjoyment comes from the fact that sports movies played non-stop on the Disney channel during the 90s, but even disregarding nostalgia, some sports movies are just enjoyable.

The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon is one of the earliest sports movies I remember watching. It revolves around a Barney, a garbage man, who becomes a media sensation when the Philadelphia Eagles ask him to be their new kicker. He struggles to find acceptance on the team, but eventually they all grow to love him. Unfortunately, his success goes to his head, and he begins to hurt the people around him. The movie follows his rise to stardom and his fall as well. It’s a simple story about opportunity and humility, and I enjoyed the way the movie showed the full arc of Barney’s character growth. However, my favorite part of the movie came from watching the camaraderie between Barney and his fellow team mates, particularly this scene.

Blades of Glory is a movie about two ice skating rivals who are forced to work together as an ice skating duo after both of them have been from competing in singles competitions. The movie is about the two skaters coming to respect one another and succeeding as a team.

Truth be told,  don’t like this move. Both the leads are annoying and the humor is very hit or miss. However, the movie also features Amy Poehler and Will Arnett as a villainous brother-sister ice skating, and their performances are among my favorites to come from both actors.

The last movie in this post is Space Jam, an animated live-action production that revolves around Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes teaming up to defeat a group of aliens in a game of basketball. The movie is silly and absurd; but I love the Looney Tunes, so this movie was very fun for me.






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